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This is a dynamic sitemap module with template that creates an XML list (in the Google sitemap format) of all content on your site with options to show or hide categories & sections, restricted content and the date tag. Allows for manually entered links so you can include pages that are not generated by the module. For example: links from installed components (except VirtueMart & Kunena) are not included yet in the sitemap, but you can include these links by editing the module parameters. Just separate all URLs with a space and they will be added to the sitemap. Please see the README file for info on SEF links. You can also follow me on Twitter (@dianascherff) if you want to know when the module is updated. Please don't try to contact me through Twitter or Facebook though, I just don't check for those things.  Please read the README file for questions regarding support for this module.

Note: I'm sure most people using this script won't have a problem but this sitemap works only for sites with less than 50,000 content+category listings (Google will tell you how many total links it reads from the sitemap if you're unsure). Beyond that, files have to be split and a sitemap index must be generated. For reference, this site 3,000+ URLs on the sitemap as of 5/19/2010.

Work in Progress:
1. Continue to work on SEF version 
2. Create 1.6/7 native versions

See the most current README file here: http://www.dianascherff.com/miscellaneous/tools/software/4386-dynamic-xml-sitemap-readme

View a demo (this site's sitemap): http://www.dianascherff.com/?template=dynamicxmlsitemap


2011-09-07: README file update.

2011-02-07: README file update with a Troubleshooting suggestion and a link to download the SEF-capable beta version.

2010-05-05: **If you downloaded the last update, download this new version...the other one doesn't work.  Sorry, my bad. 

2010-05-04: Fixed the Call-time pass-by-reference error some people were seeing.  A big thanks to everyone who helped fix this, you know who you are!

2010-04-20: Fixed an error in the lastmod date format (hopefully), if your offset is positive (e.g. +1).

2010-04-13: Completed rewrite of all module code, finished adding Kunena forum links, fixed a few errors. Disabled SEF...will keep trying :(

2010-03-20: Improved on VirtueMart links and added option to append product name and category name to the URL.

2010-03-20: Added product links for VirtueMart to the PLAIN.PHP file only, they won't show if you're using the SEF feature.  Also added the option to "turn off" tags (date) for those of you who don't have created or modified dates for your articles for whatever reason.  Just turn this off and Google will accept your sitemap.

2010-03-11: Fixed a bug in the "plain" view and corrected a db prefix in the helper file.  If you're getting an error using the non-SEF links or if your database doesn't use jos_ as the table prefix, try installing this update.

2010-02-05: Added option for SEF links.

2009/11/03: Corrected "Catchable fatal error" problem.

2009/11/02: Corrected empty tag that was printing at the bottom of the sitemap & creating a 404 error in google. It appeared only if you didn't enter any manual URLs.

2009/09/28: Now allows for manually entered links (i.e. links that don't show up on the dynamically generated list can be entered in the module parameters so they are included). 

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Diana Scherff (dianascherff)
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Sep 08 2011
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Diana Scherff
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Mihai Achim 2011-05-15 17:06:35 Just install your nice module and SURE I HAVE ENABLE BEFORE CHANGE POSITION.But I find out quick a simple solution:Reinstall


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