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Happy Valentiens Day!

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Happy Valentines Day

Made on the iPad using [mostly] free features of the Paper app by FiftyThree. Only paid feature used was the color mixer, but the color swatches provided are great by themselves.

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 February 2013 19:47

Must-Have Gadgets From ThinkGeek

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I’m not a gamer, unless lots of Solitaire and Mahjong qualify me as a “gamer,” but this fully customizable keyboard/”DX1 Input System” at ThinkGeek sure has me imagining the possibilities!  Considering all it could do, gamer or not, the price isn’t so bad either.  When a gadget says it’s compatible with “Windows XP/2000” does that mean it’s not compatible with Windows 7?  Hmmm…

I’m quite fond of this Das Keyboard Ultimate as well…very cool looking.  I can totally imagine it sitting in my Ballard Designs inspired condominium I plan to own some day…soon.  A little European style mixed with sleek gadgets from my favorite geek store.  Too bad they’re out of stock, can’t even tell if the price is reasonable.  ThinkGeek is definitely more than just a place to buy cool gadgets though.  Geekdom is a way of life.  I even enjoy just sitting down and reading the product descriptions, great for a laugh.  Sure, I laugh alone (I wasn’t exactly raised by geeks), but I always love a little geek humor.  ;-)

The ProMini Wireless Keyboard is pretty darn cute, but trackpad plus “cute” means insanely inconvenient.  Give me a wireless mouse to replace that trackpad and this could be very useful.  Considering the size, the price seems a little high, but…considering the size such a LOW price could also mean a not-so-good product.

Okay, wow WOW (one wow for the gadget and another for the price).  This Optimus Maximus Keyboard is so cool, if I had a million dollars I just might buy one…but then after about two hours of playing around and watching the 113 individual OLED screens light up in every way I could imagine, I’d probably regret spending $1,600 on a KEYBOARD.  Can you believe ThinkGeek is sold out??  I wonder out of all the people who bought one, how many of those people now regret spending the money, and how many of them were purchased by Bill Gates.  Okay, so I think he probably has better things to do than watch a keyboard light up, but I’d buy one if I was him.  It looks cool, but actually typing on those keys, or should I say “mini-monitors,” probably isn’t as easy as these hollow plastic caps bouncing around on little rubber…funnels (very technical terms, I know, I apologize) that we’re used to typing on.  For that price, I probably wouldn’t use it for typing…just for watching.

Yeah, I think if I was rich, I’d blow all my…richness on gadgets that I’d regret buying later, but which I felt like I couldn’t live without…at the time, multiples upon multiples of all kinds of gadgets and gizmos…I’d be a hoarder of the latest technology…I’d have an Android phone, and an iPhone, and an iPad, and, well, the iPad is sooo last week, so I’d have an iPad 2 as well.  Luckily, I’m broke, and my brokeness keeps me from buying things I really know, deep down, that I can easily live without.  They’re sure fun to look at though, and those ThinkGeek product descriptions…forever entertaining.  Oh! and free!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 April 2011 20:35

Pastor Teaches Intolerance....Not Religion

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I can't believe this "Pastor" Terry Jones. He's not teaching religion and how to be a "good person", he's teaching INTOLERANCE:

Religion's great...for people who aren't me, but when you start punishing people who practice a different religion just because some terrorists happened to practice that religion, you've gone overboard. I don't care what religion you practice as long as you leave me to practice (or not practice) whatever & however I please. You can't punish a society because of a few bad seeds. Punish the bad seeds and move on.
Last Updated on Thursday, 09 September 2010 20:28


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Yes, I was hacked. Why people target me, I will never know. Especially since all it does is shut my site down, therefore not advertising whatever site or software or WHATEVER they intended to force upon unsuspecting visitors. Luckily this last one was only up for about two hours by my calculations (sorry guys, we went out to dinner for my sister's birthday). If you were unlucky enough to have visited my site during that time you would have ended up with a nasty virus-type program installed on your computer that claimed to be a virus-scan program that has detected multiple viruses on your computer and to clean your hard drive (and make your computer USABLE again) you must activate the software (i.e. PAY MONEY). It was a nightmare, and the only way to fix my computer was to do a system restore. This time Windows 7 really WAS my idea! How many people out there do you think actually have a current system restore point available? Not me, I can tell you that. If it wasn't for Windows 7, you would have found me in tears by the end of the night trying to get this f---ing software off my computer. So after a complete restore of all of my 15+ websites, and some added (and newly discovered) security measures, I can finally relax. Back to business as usual. If you'd like to know the security measures I've taken, ask me in about a month and I'll let you know if they worked or not...until then, I'd rather not share. I'd hate to be the reason your site got hacked o_O

In the meantime, I discovered some awesome sites you might enjoy. One has FREE HI-DEF desktop wallpapers: desktopwallpaper-s.com. These wallpapers are so cool, I wish I had an HOURLY, ROTATING, desktop wallpaper option so I could actually use them all. It was very hard to choose.

Second, and I've actually known about this site for some time but haven't actually used it is iconfinder.com. I love the creative icons as opposed to the generic icons for social networking sites, and iconfinder.com has some very creative designs. I just wish I could find a way to use them here.

Next up, the QR Code Generator at appspot.com. If you're new to Android and aren't a techie, or if you, like everyone else I know, have an iPhone, then you're probably not aware of the totally awesome (don't ask me why) feature of Android phones: the bar code scanner. Yes, with the bar code scanner you can scan the bar code on ANYTHING and share or catalog or even search for the best price of ANY item with a 2D or 3D bar code. You can also create your own 2D bar code with your contact info (for your company website), your Wi-Fi Network so you can share settings between devices instead of typing it in every time, you can share apps, URLs, etc. just by going to appspot.com, plugging in your info, saving the new bar code graphic and emailing it, posting it on your site, saving it on your phone so your friend can scan it...you can even share THIS site by clicking the link at the top right of the page which will take you to a bar code you can scan with your Android enabled phone, then share it or save it or WHATEVER. It's very cool, and you'll see more and more websites having one of these in their "Contact Us" page. We don't yet but it's not because I hadn't thought of it...

Lots more to list, but I'll have to pick this up later. Enjoy!
Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 August 2010 22:22


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Wow, I signed up for eBates.com (free), clicked on Dell.com, purchased a new battery for my laptop from Dell.com, and now I'm getting $6.24 back! ZERO effort and I'm getting CASH back. Totally awesome! And I buy EVERYTHING online (...except groceries). Click the eBates.com link above, register, make an online purchase at any one of their stores (from Overstock.com, to Restaurant.com, Nordstrom.com, Folica.com, Drugstore.com and SO MANY MORE) and you and I BOTH get $5.00. Then refer YOUR friends and you and your friend each get another $5.00! You don't even have to register to see the stores they work with, they don't collect any personal or payment information, just your name, email, and a place to mail your refund check! Only someone who doesn't shop online EVER wouldn't benifit from this. Happy shopping!

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